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The Investment Counsellor

Any industry that can grow and prosper in the American free enterprise system must fill an economic need. Such is the case with the investment business, which has shown exponential growth since its inception after World War I. The growth of investment counseling closely parallels the enormous expansion of the American economy and the increased complexity and volatility of the securities markets. Additionally, individuals and institutions seek a more sophisticated alternative to the traditional investment services offered by mutual funds and large bank trust departments. We live in an age of specialization, and the SEC-registered investment counsellor has become the nation’s specialist in providing portfolio management across a wide spectrum of wealth management objectives, from building wealth with aggressive equity investment to preserving wealth with conservative fixed income investment.

Unlike financial planner generalists, investment counsellors have a highly focused responsibility of managing client investment portfolios. Investment counsellors complement the services provided by insurance, accounting, and legal professionals. In fact, investment clients are often referred to us by these other professionals to complete their clients’ full range of financial needs.