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The Firm

Capital & Security Management provides highly personalized wealth management services to a limited number of clients. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we are an investment counseling firm that offers asset management services to individuals, families, foundations, endowment funds, IRA rollovers, and institutions. Founded in 1984, the firm is licensed with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission. The firm’s policies and procedures are updated annually through ADV FINRA.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We cultivate a relationship with the client that generates a sense of security, regardless of the market’s volatility. Our team of experienced professionals provides competent, conservative portfolio strategies that mitigate the uncertainty of the stock market. We participate in all aspects of the investment process, including research, trading, and client contact.

Our clients avoid the exorbitant charges and hidden fees often found in mutual funds. Because we are objective fee-only investment managers, we avoid the conflicts of interest that are inherent in the typical stock brokerage relationship. The firm’s success is entirely dependent on successfully meeting the client’s long-term financial goals.