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Recent History

After experiencing the speculative bubble in the stock market and enduring the anxiety of the most severe decline since the Depression, investors are rightfully reappraising who should manage their portfolios to best achieve their long-term financial goals. Now many investors are returning to a more balanced, conservative, and diversified investment style long embraced and successfully implemented by Capital & Security Management.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed unbridled stock market mania, corporate corruption, and Wall Street scandals, all arising from a desire for a shortcut to riches. Theologians have warned against the temptation of easy or “cheap grace.” We also warn against get-rich-quick strategies. Financial security is a long-term endeavor that takes years to accomplish. Common stocks are purchased to meet future needs, not short-term wants. Bonds are purchased to preserve capital and generate a higher steady income stream.

Many individuals, in the pursuit to make money, try to invest for themselves. Unfortunately, others turn to inexperienced stockbrokers, mutual fund managers, or trust officers who have never lived through a severe and protracted bear market. Consequently, these individuals have not only suffered huge financial damage, but are also psychologically scarred with feelings of depression, betrayal, or abandonment.