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Personal Relationship

To develop a close personal relationship with every client, we focus on communication. Quarterly reports summarize our portfolios and investment transactions. A cover letter outlines our investment outlook and portfolio strategy. We also publish our more detailed Investment Commentary.  We encourage dialogue, feedback, and personal meetings to ensure that the client’s investment objective is being attained and that the client understands the firm’s investment strategy.

To provide highly personalized service to a limited number of clients, we carefully screen every prospect to determine whether he or she shares our conservative investment philosophy. We are long-term investors, whether the investment objective is capital preservation or aggressive growth. As long-term investors, we are prepared to be wrong in the short run, but ultimately avoiding emotionally charged stock market trends will vindicate us.  Therefore, we value long-term relationships with our clients. We also believe that while prudent strategy and solid performance are important, a trusting, long term relationship is equally as important. We want our clients to share these values.